Quality policy

One of the main goals of LOIZAGA Building and Restoration is the continuous improvement of the activities it performs. In order to achieve this LOIZAGA makes these commitments:

  • Achievement of the complete satisfaction of our clients, with results that fit their required expectations of quality, whilst providing conditions so that our team works in a safe environment.
  • The fulfilment of all legislative requirements and applicable standards in quality, environment, work accident prevention, work-related illness, health and safety.
  • Encouraging motivation, participation and continuous training of all staff in order to improve quality assurance and company success.
  • Suppliers and subcontractors are essential in our activities and we consider them our partners, searching for mutual benefit and shared creativity, capacity and techniques. This leads to a better service and quality in the result for the client.
  • The company management is committed to pollution reduction and waste management generated in the company’s daily activities.
  • To reinforce our company standards as a provider of quality, prevention, service, design and reliability.
  • The increase of our productivity and the observation of labour law are two key aspects of LOIZAGA. The first contributes to the growth of the company, while the latter improves the quality of life of our society. These two elements are fundamental in order to practice adequate control on continuous improvement, and to develop the corrective and preventive actions required to avoid internal and external problems.
  • The quality control system will be checked once a year by the company to ensure its efficiency and appropriateness.
  • The company considers environmental management and workers’ health and safety as its main objectives, compared to productivity, quality service and profitability.
  • Following our prevention policy we make sure the work is adjusted to the individual, technical improvements will be always considered, danger will be avoided at all moments, and collective protection will always come before individual protection. As far as is possible workers will be properly informed about preventive rules and means in their work, and they will participate in all matters affecting their health and safety at work.