Working methodology

With the goal of guaranteeing the success of our constructions, LOIZAGA Building and Restoration pay special attention to the technical team responsible for the execution of the projects and to the required working methodology.

Our workers function as a team with our clients and this trust, added to our experience and our practical approach to the projects, is the key to our working methodology:

  • Arranging the Official Organisms permissions and grants as a no-cost part of projects.
  • Advising clients when it comes to making decisions.
  • Carrying out the required projects/ approvals for the execution of constructions.
  • Giving an estimate adapted to our clients´ needs.
  • Guaranteeing a project completion date.
  • Making use of the latest technologies and highest quality building materials.
  • Attaching great importance to social and environmental commitments and to safety and prevention policies.
  • Providing an after-sales service for optimum maintenance of our work.
  • Guaranteeing the durability of our work.