Structural Reinforcement


We have wide experience in urgent intervention such as structural reinforcement, by means of pathology detection at first inspection and production of technical reports. These projects and works, if needed, will lead us to search for solutions so the tenant does not have to leave the house during the works.

  • Structural reinforcement of wooden buildings.
    • Reinforcement techniques for structural elements.
    • Beam reinforcement with metallic fastenings.
    • Beam reinforcement with wooden additions.
    • Beam reinforcement with epoxy formulations.
    • Woodworm prevention and protection treatments with introduction of retention valves and cellulose baits.
  • Concrete structural reinforcement.
    • Non-destructive testing to verify damage.
    • Carbonatation and concrete frame loss testing.
    • Concrete frame passivation.
    • Structural repair mortar.
    • Grouting on foundation reinforcement.