Restoration is one of the cornerstones of our company. We have great experience in all aspects of refurbishment, starting with the execution of all kind of facades and roofs. We can provide the most varied solutions and techniques, from the most conventional to the most eminently technical thanks to our highly qualified team.

Facade restoration

  • Stoneware floor and wall tiles
  • Water-repellent mortar
  • Single layer mortar with aggregated or scraped finish
  • Ventilated facades
  • External thermal insulation composite systems with rendering (ETICS)
  • Acrylic and mineral paint
  • High pressure cleaning with water, sand or chemical agents
  • Repairs of balcony fronts
  • Repair and reconstruction of mouldings and decorative elements.
  • Repair of metallic structures
  • Restoration or replacement of enclosed and wooden balconies
  • Restoration of eaves with mortar, visible concrete and wood finish.
  • Repair of isolation defects and thermal bridges.
  • Expansion joints

Roof restoration

  • Pitched roofs with tile, slate, copper, zinc, metal or tegola finish on roof covering of tiles upon partition or wooden, concrete or metallic structures.
  • Flat roofs, passable or not, finished with ceramics, gravel or waterproofing.
  • Restoration or replacement of skylights, glassworks, roof windows, etc.
  • Roof humidity solutions.
  • Roof reinforcement.
  • Construction of chimneys, valleys, hips and ridge beams.
  • Construction of chimneys, valleys, hips and ridge beams.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of roofs, gutters and drainpipes.


  • Flat roofs
  • Public and private terraces
  • Underground parking
  • Pitched roofs.
  • Facade walls.
  • Concrete walls.
  • Basements
  • Concrete support.

Applied techniques:

  • Oxyasphalt bituminous layers.
  • Modified osyasphalt layers.
  • Asphaltic layers of modified elastomer bitumen.
  • Asphaltic layers of modified plastomer bitumen.
  • Asphaltic extruded layers of modified polymer bitumen.
  • Asphaltic layers of modified polymer tarmac.
  • Asphaltic priming
  • Bituminous paints
  • Transparent silicone paint for facade waterproofing
  • Waterproofing with special grouting cement.
  • Wall waterproofing with backpressure
  • Continuous waterproofing with asphalt bitumen.
  • PVC waterproofing.
  • Rubber waterproofing.
  • Grouting and resin on concrete walls.

Neighbourhood associations

  • Facades
  • Roofs
  • Vestibule decoration
  • Inner courtyards
  • Lifts
  • Communal and private terraces
  • Humidity treatments

Elimination of architectural barriers

  • Elevator installation at ground level.
  • Outdoor elevators with finishes in brickwork, metallic structure or glass.
  • Indoor elevators, adaptation to stairwells.
  • Outdoor and indoor chair and platform lifts installation.
  • Ramps execution.

Vertical works

  • Eaves, facades and courtyard cleaning.
  • Facades cleaning.
  • Joints cleaning.
  • Punctual repair of roofs and facades.
  • Roofs, gutters and drainpipe maintenance.
  • Painting
  • Carpentry and enclosed balconies sealed.

Diagnosis and repair of humidity problems and thermal bridges.

  • Humidity and thermal bridge problem diagnosis on all kinds of surface.
  • Technical pathology report.
  • IThermographic reports
  • Solution adopted report and repair evaluation.