Building Energy Refurbishment


LOIZAGA Building and Restoration, as part of its energy strategy, considers of most importance the refurbishment of building policy, incorporating new materials, systems and equipment (Ventilated facades, outdoor thermal insulation systems, etc.). These will not only will improve the level of comfort for the owners but also will allow enable safety, energy saving and air quality goals to be reached, which will transform our cities into sustainable and competitive environments.

We are authorized installers of outdoor thermal insulation systems with the most important brands such as BAUMIT, GRUPO PUMA and REVETÓN, with applicators in our own team.

Regarding energy refurbishment, these are the works LOIZAGA Building and Restoration perform:

  • Technical and economic evaluation for energy refurbishment of buildings.
  • Information sessions for homeowner associations or individuals about energy and economic saving, building project investments and construction sector economic grants.
  • Thermal insulation of outdoor facades.
    • Ventilated facades.
    • SATE (outdoor thermal insulation system).
  • Thermal insulation of indoor facades.
  • Thermal insulation of outdoor roofs.
  • Thermal insulation of indoor roofs.
  • Building opening energy refurbishment, outdoor carpentry and glass.
  • Window glass layers for improving building energy efficiency.
  • Roof waterproofing.
  • Energy harvesting systems with integrated photovoltaic modules for roof waterproofing membrane.
  • Solar energy for water heating, home heating and air conditioning.
  • High energy efficiency technology for home heating.
  • Efficient lighting installation.
  • Latest technology elevators for energy saving.